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2014 - 2015 Kearny School District HIB Grade

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CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Huff's first period Honors English class (Lincoln Middle School) on winning the "Read to Succeed" contest sponsored by Achieve3000.  From Monday, November 2, through Friday, December 4, every time a student in the class completed a multiple choice activity, the class earned one point. For every score of 75%, the class earned two points. And for every score of 88% or higher, the class earned three points! Mrs. Huff's class scored the most points on average at Lincoln Middle School, and won a $30.00 gift card, which will be used for a lunchtime celebration!

Congratulations! Lincoln Middle School which has been chosen as a recipient of the 2015 BASF Science Education Grant of $5,000.  Special thanks to Ms. McMasters, Mrs. McCarthy, and Mrs. Hester-Fearon for their efforts in the application process.  Their work in fostering students' interest in the sciences is commended.

Lincoln Middle School Rain Garden Classroom Project Completed 


The Rain Garden project that was completed at Lincoln Middle School resulted from a partnership between Rutgers University and Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission. The project included the following a rainwater garden, a rainwater harvesting system, tree and vegetable plantings, raised garden beds and gardening areas to enhance science education curriculum, and the creation of an outdoor classroom by installing benches for 24 students.
During the construction process, the initial plans were modified to also include over 700 feet of boardwalk style decking around the raised garden beds to make them handicapped accessible, a teacher podium for the outdoor classroom, and a large greenhouse was purchased.
The time needed to complete the project exceeded 750 man hours.
Lincoln Middle School is grateful for the gift that has been given to our school and community.

Daily Announcements

Caption Lincoln Middle School accepts the BASF educational grant. Funds will be used to purchase a 3D printer and materials to enhance our science and technology education.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, February 10
School Event
L: Lincoln Middle School
1st failure warning letter - mailed home
-7th & 8th grades - Valentine Dance - 6:30pm to 8:30pm - LMS Gym
District Event
Report Cards Distributed

Thursday, February 11
School Event
L: Lincoln Middle School
Non-uniform day - $1.00 to participate
Friday, February 12
School Event
L: Lincoln Middle School
Lincoln's Birthday - no school
District Event
Lincoln's Birthday (Observed)

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